Trying to lose weight is the worst. There are so many types of diets to choose from, plus you have to portion out everything you eat, read the labels on everything you buy, avoid dining out with your friends and if you can avoid raiding the fridge at night you’re almost guaranteed to wake up hungry in the morning. Just the thought of dieting is depressing, but what if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way?

The Nutrisystem diet makes things simple and relatively painless. The USDA reminds us that portion sizes matter, but Nutrisystem portions out the meals for you, and give you foods that actually taste good. You can enjoy many of the foods you would order at your favorite restaurant and best of all you can actually feel satisfied instead of starving yourself. That sounds better doesn’t it?

How can we make the Nutrisystem diet even better? Even though the program is already reasonably priced, we spend day and night seeking out deals that will save you money on America’s favorite diet program. We find Nutrisystem discounts, coupons and promotions to make sure your wallet stays fat while the rest of you stays thin. Who wouldn’t want to look great and save money too?